IZZI's Top 3 Destinations This Summer

IZZI's Top 3 Destinations This Summer

There’s nothing more refreshing to me than travelling to foreign places and exploring the variety of culture and landscape the world has on offer. Living each day as if it were my first and last, thriving off the thrill of the unknown and discovering such miraculous displays of nature so surreal, it’s as if I were witnessing the recreation of a dream.

They call it culture shock, although I feel it’s less of a shock and more of an awakening; losing yourself amongst the vibrant locals and embracing their lifestyle, tasting, laughing, learning and loving, only to re-discover yourself once again, be-wondered and enlightened, awakened with a nuanced understanding of the world around you birthed from your ventures. A very spiritually cathartic experience.

When I travel I look to stimulate the mind and the soul, embrace the culture to expand the mind and embrace the people to feed the soul. This summer, if you’re looking for great places to visit to do just that, here are my top three picks that I highly suggest you check out:

One of the loveliest places you will ever visit, in both sight’s you’ll see and people you’ll meet. From Kauai to the Island of Hawaii itself, the entire culture and visual aesthetic of the islands are so incredibly unique in nature, that it’s simply breathtaking.

When I’m feeling like a nice relaxing day at the beach in a pair of my IZZIs (particularly my Mercury bikini as I like the way the sun glints off the sheen), mixed in with a splash of metropolitan life, I like to head to Waikiki, Honolulu.

As the hub for resorts, world-class shopping and restaurants in Honolulu, Waikiki is a perfect place for me to indulge in the finer things in life as well as immerse myself in the Hawaiian lifestyle.

A tiny Island off the southern coast of Thailand, Koh Samui is a hidden gem of exoticism filled with delicious local delicacies, stunning resorts and friendly wildlife. Never have I met people who are as friendly and down to earth as the local Koh Samuiians. Visiting the local Fisherman’s Village market was a delight; perusing through locally made jewellery and clothing at night, then relaxing by the beach while the sun sets sipping on a mojito.

I cherish the unforgettable memories of sailing around the surrounding islands of Koh Samui on the Red Baron. Snorkelling with bizarre, foreign marine life in my Radium green IZZI one-piece, sun-bathing on the roof of the sailboat whilst reading my book and taking in all the wonderful miracles of nature is what places Koh Samui in my top three. Words cannot do it justice, so perhaps a picture I took on my way back into shore will.

Apollo Bay - Great Ocean Road, Australia
Whilst self-discovery and spirituality is very important to me, balance is equally so. We mustn’t forget our roots, as we should strive to embrace our own culture and lifestyle. That’s why my final pick is timeless Apollo Bay.

I’ve had countless trips down to Apollo Bay. Most memorable of which were the trips down with my friends for Australia Day.

Each time I visit I find myself overwhelmed with a sense of homely relaxation, as if the concept of urgency and anxiety are completely foreign to the lovely coastal town. There was nothing like strolling the beach, chatting with the friendly locals in my bold Oxygen IZZI bikini and riding bikes with my summer crush to feel reminiscent of my trips down here as a kid.

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